Building Cards, for Business

We spend our free time making game cards, but today we get to focus on cards of a different variety.

There is still a lot of headway to be made in the logo department, but business waits for no one. As soon as our boots hit the pavement in San Antonio, we plan to be ready to connect with as many amazing gamers and creators as we can, and that means we are in need of some serious identification.

Thanks to some amazing quick help from Misty Bell Stiers up in New York, we were able to whip up some business cards that we can be proud to hand out. They are simple, they are slick, and I think they are a great place to start.


I’ve always enjoyed business cards. It might be my inborn nature to collect things, or perhaps it is the satisfaction of having a physical record of new encounters and connections.  Either way, the entire process of working with physical cards is enjoyable for me (of course, this might not be too much of a surprise considering I’m making board and card games).

I’ve actually owned a fair number of business cards in my life; there were cards for companies I worked for, cards for companies I helped build, and even cards for just me personally. Each time, I’ve looked forward to passing them out and growing my personal network, one small piece of card stock at a time. Now is no different, and I have a feeling these will be the first of a line I will be proud to hand out for years to come.

So, if you see me walking around PAX South, or just about anywhere for that matter, feel free to catch my attention, shake my hand, and ask for a business card; I’m sure to have one on me, and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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