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EverywhereAs Angie and I move ever closer to heading to PAX South, the importance of making a name for ourselves hangs over the heads of all of Randover Games like a guillotine with the words “Make it or Break it” etched on the side.  So, lets dive into the land of first impressions….

Here is a current selection of some of the logo designs we are working on.


This is where it all starts, settling on a company brand.  A great deal in influence on how outside entities (customers, competitors, etc) view you lays in the hands of this one singular piece of art.

We have grand aspirations for making a beautiful, well drawn, personal logo, but alas artists we are not.  However, we are gamers and one thing we settled on very quickly was having cards as part of our logo.  Here are just a few of the designs we’ve come up with as a foundation for what will hopefully be an iconic and engaging company logo.


Our First Inspiration

Deciding to make a game company in the first place was as side effect of us challenging ourselves to see if we could make a game that we would want to play ourselves.

This has been a huge undertaking for us, but a profoundly enjoyable one built on random bouts of personal input and profound levels of mutual collaboration. Luckily, we were able to find an artist to join us on this journey and this has already lead us to a much more beautiful product than we could have created alone. This has also led to a much more engaging logo for the game than the simple lines we were able to do above.




Hopefully, we will be updating this post soon with a variety of different, improved images.  We are looking forward to continuing to share this journey with everyone and hope you are as excited as we are to see our brand come into existence.

Social Media

Social media is a way of life for businesses these days. When I worked on Darth Hater, I was able to get a small glimpse at the type of efforts required to bring a new company up to par in the realm of social media. My amazing co-workers at DH took high quality business practices and used them to elevate a lowly start-up into a beautiful, internally consistent, professional business.

While I have no where near the level of artistic skill or experience of my former compatriots, I learned a great deal from watching them work.  That same level of attention to detail is one of the foundations of Randover Games, making it something we strive for every day. Generating a consistent, professional social media presence is just one of the ways we plan to do it.

Here are my first few stabs and making banner and profile logos for Randover Games’ social media presence.

Icon 1 Icon 2 Icon 4


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