Virtual Reality

Playtest 3

There you go everyone, a look into the future.

We just recently sent our first beta level cards off to the printer and are patiently waiting for them to return, but while we wait, I thought I would take a minute to fabricate a three person game just so I could look at how far we’ve come. I must say, it looks pretty amazing to me.

One of these days, I will take the time to upload some of the earlier images and prototypes we’ve actually been playing with; trust me when I say they are horrifying.  That said, they got the job done and let us put our ideas to the test, and for that, I love them. But, that is enough reflection for now.

Today is a new day for us here at Randover Games. We are finally moving on to more professional attempt, one we are finally going to be comfortable showing off in public and I must say, just imagining having these cards in our hands is enough to make my heart skip a beat.

I want to offer the most heart felt thank you for anyone reading this post. Either you’re one of the amazing few taking the journey with us, or your someone interested enough to slog through backlogs sometime in the future.  Whichever one you are, thank you for being here.

I hope you will enjoy our game.

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