Let’s Play: Ode to a Chinchilla

Tonight supporters of a rising twitch star convened in Patreon.  Positive energies, shared ideas, laughs, and life in general filled households around the globe.  People so different, that would never have otherwise shared smiles, brought together simply by a video gamer with a bit of a cheese obsession.iaL7E5dOur entertainer is one among thousands in a sea of static.  What makes him so damn special?  On the surface, you might not see. He has no gimmick or schtick, and many times, his game tactics are many times…suspect at best.

UTEK0BXHe games because it is what he loves, and this alone makes him worth supporting.  He is a man reaching for the dream that lives within each of us-to do what he loves “for a living.”

The Gamer Chat Deserves.

The positivity during his streams ease the pangs of a bad day, and the network of people you meet will always put a smile on a sad face.  In a world where hearts are hardened by life’s harsh grasp, the briefest reprieve from the cold is a treasure.

Come be a part of the best damn twitch channel on the internet.  We’ll save your seat!

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