PAX South, Kickstarter, and Websites….Oh My!

Hi everyone, Randar here.  It has been awhile since we’ve posted anything, but that is mainly because it has been such a busy time at Randover Games.  I wanted to put together a quick post detailing the three main things that have been going on recently.

First, Wrathborne Champions was selected for the PAX South Indie Showcase.  This is a huge honor for our small company and we are there showing things off with a whole mess of talented people.  We get to show the labor of love that we’ve been working on for the last 3 years to a huge audience.  As a result of this great news, that led us to move up our timetable for a few other things….


Things such as Kickstarter.  We are launching on January 24th and running through February 28th.  This lets us be live during the wildness that is PAX South 2017.  So, if you are attending, stop by, we would love to see you.  Otherwise, please click on the big Kickstarter picture and check out the video and back us.  There is even a chance to work with us and become a co-designer in Wrathborne by helping us make a big bad Minion of Wrath!

Finally, the last piece of news is that we are working to re-vamp our website completely.  This is something that is more of a future sort of thing, but we are working with a web-designer to build something that is a little more lean, functional, and more apt to show off the wonderful art that we are getting for our games.  So, check back from time to time and you’ll hopefully get to see some cool new things as we move further into 2017.

Thank you all again from coming with us on this journey.  Without your support, we couldn’t keep doing this stuff.

Keep Gaming

– R

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