About Us

Sometime in early 2013, Casey “Randar” McCormick and Ben “Dover” Stiers decided to make a board game. Starting out, our only goal was to make a game we would enjoy playing ourselves, however, we eventually realized that other people appreciated our ideas and games almost as much as we reveled in making them. The early response was positive enough for us to make the crazy decision to create a full fledged board game company and self publish our ideas. Before long, Angie “Pantics” Stiers joined up to help make these flights-of-fancy a reality, and in November of 2014, Randover Games was born.

Card Stack 2Above all else, we aim to create games that are fun and accessible to a wide variety of gamers.  There is no idea that we won’t pursue and no telling what strange theme or wild mechanic we’re developing at any particular time.  From trying to innovate on classic mechanics (both familiar and forgotten) to creating unique approaches from scratch, our real inspiration is that core spark of imagination that makes board games such a special pastime for so many people.  We know that gamers are a very diverse community, and we strive to have products that will bring the hardcore tactical players and the casual social gamer together at the same table.

As for who we are as individuals, proceed forward at your own risk…

Ben “Dover” Stiers

Ben “Dover” Stiers is the CEO and Creative Director of Randover Games. Born and raised all over the western United States, and with an eclectic work history to match such a nomadic upbringing, he is rarely without a story or connection to a conversation. Randover Games is not his first entrepreneurial venture, having previously been a founder of a successful video game focused press site. A man of far more words than he has any right using, be careful starting a conversation with Dover because it might not end any time soon.

Casey “Randar” McCormick

Co-founder of Randover Games, Casey “Randar” McCormick is a former educator with a penchant for teaching, and getting to know, everyone he meets. Raised in Texas, he is a font of creativity, preferring the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach to game design. Randar has a deep connection to board games, having been raised by a father who loves gaming (and a mother who humors them both). This passion for games is also something he hopes to share with his young daughter, just as soon as she learns to talk. Perpetually curious, he is probably as interested in what you are doing as what he is working on.

Angie “Pantics” Stiers

Angie “Pantics” Stiers is the CFO and legal guru for Randover Games, but don’t let her serious business side fool you, she’s as up for games as anyone in the RDG crew. Born and raised in New Jersey (and happy to be in Texas now), she is a smart and savvy gamer with a friendly demeanor and fiery personality. With over a decade of experience in the legal field, Pantics is the team’s ever vigilant guardian against the rest of us doing or saying something stupid.

So, if you see any of these lunatics playing a game you’ve never seen before at a game store or convention, go ahead say hello; we’re always looking for another player!

Best of luck to you and yours, and thank you for stopping by to check us out.

Game on.