Cast & Capture – A Unique Twist on a Classic Favorite

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Game Details:  2-6 Players (with included free Expansion), 15-30 Minutes, Ages 8+

Based on classic fishing game mechanics, Cast & Capture is a highly accessible, kid-friendly game that puts players in the role of mages specializing in the collection of wondrous creatures for the Arcane Academy.  You must use your knowledge of the elements and arcane powers to capture a variety of mystical and magical creatures before your fellow mages can. Only by using your wits to blend the right spells, and group the right creatures, can you earn the title of Master Capturer.

Each turn, mages cast a single spell to try and capture creatures laid out in the play area.  This can be done by playing a spell from their hand, a spell from the Spell Pool mages have left on the board, or a mix of both.  If a mage is unable to capture a creature on their turn, then they must add a spell of their choice to the Spell Pool, increasing their future options, but also helping their opponents do the same.

Each card in Cast & Capture is comprised of a specific Power and Element.  In order to capture a creature, a mage must have a spell that precisely matches the Power and Element of their target.  To accomplish this, mages can blend spells by taking the Power from one spell and the element of the other to create an entirely different spell.  Creatures can also be grouped in the same fashion creating something unique and new to capture.  Since an exact match isn’t always obvious, mages must pay close attention to the creatures on the board, cards in their hand, and spells in the pool to see if any of them can be grouped or blended together to make the most of every turn.

Cast & Capture features the amazing hand-drawn artwork of Chelsea Flores (icons by Lorc).  In addition to a few fresh faced creations you’ve never seen before, her unique approach to creature design provides a refreshing take on fantasy beasts we all know and love. With over 50 pieces of unique art in every box, there is a wide variety of interesting images to enchant mages both young and old.

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Reviews and Testimonials of Cast & Capture:

“This game has cast a spell on me with its charming play and captured a permanent spot in my gaming bag” – Maurice Fitzgerald, Board Game Reviewer for Club Fantasci

“Cast and Capture is a really simple game that does what it is supposed to do very, very well. It is absolutely worth $20.” – Daniel Zayas, The Meeple Mechanic.

“Non-gamers, casual players, and more enthusiastic Parent Geek gamers all enjoyed the game both with their peers and with their families… I would recommend Cast & Capture to Child Geeks and Parent Geeks, to casual players and non-gamers.” – Cyrus Kirby, Editor-in-Chief, Father Geek.

“The game is a win due to the variability, ease of teaching, and overall enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend this game to a family with younger children, to help them refine strategy-building skills at an early age. These features, combined with an attractive art style and solid component quality will solidify Cast & Capture as a keeper in your collection.”Glenn Doncer, Board Game Authority.

“Cast & Capture was a pleasant surprise for us — games that are touted as “kid-friendly” sometimes come across as “kids-only,” but this was not the case…What we found instead was a fun casual game that was engaging and rather satisfying”Chris James, Director/Editor-in-Chief Casual Games Revolution.

“Cast & Capture is a lot of fun… and my daughter really, really likes it. Any game that my daughter says, ‘can you get that game out?’ Any time she asks to play something, I know it’s a good game.”Lance Myxter, Undead Viking

“Cast and Capture is a light card game with a surprising amount of depth. It has a family-friendly theme, and the mechanisms are as well, but it has enough bite to it that more gamerly gamers are going to enjoy it.” – Nick Meenachan, Board Game Brawl

“An accessible and family-friendly take on the classic combination/match game.”– Kevin G. Nunn, Designer of duck! duck! GO! and Sentinel Tactics

“A great game for children to learn about light tactics and pattern recognition while destroying their parents.” – Dave Ferguson, Designer of The Great Debate

“I can say that it [Cast & Capture] is a unique take on the great game of Casino.” – Kevin Brusky, Publisher at APE Games


Cast & Capture Rules

Cast & Capture Print and Play File (Rules and 108 Prototype cards)