PAX South, Kickstarter, and Websites….Oh My!

Hi everyone, Randar here.  It has been awhile since we’ve posted anything, but that is mainly because it has been such a busy time at Randover Games.  I wanted to put together a quick post detailing the three main things that have been going on recently. First, Wrathborne Champions was […]

Let’s Play: Ode to a Chinchilla

Tonight supporters of a rising twitch star convened in Patreon.  Positive energies, shared ideas, laughs, and life in general filled households around the globe.  People so different, that would never have otherwise shared smiles, brought together simply by a video gamer with a bit of a cheese obsession.

Press Start to Escape Adulthood

Randover Games is excited to announce our participation in the inaugural DALLAS GAMING EXPO from July 24-26, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, Texas. Stop by our booth to check out Proelium©, Cast and Capture©, Tainted©, or whatever other games we might have on display. Don’t feel like […]

The Tales Come Quietly

Lore was never a prime focus of mine in our early stages of crafting Proelium; my main concerns were levied on getting the mechanics rock solid and player interactions thematically correct. To put it simply, I wanted the Cleric’s skills to make her feel like a cleric, but I never […]

Hail Hydra!

When I describe Proelium, I tend to call it “an MMO boss fight in a box.” As I mentioned in my post on “Inspiration”, it is our central adversaries that make up the core of our flagship title. Some of these antagonists are massive single creatures, while others are groups […]

Fabrication and Iteration

One of the most interesting parts of working on boardgames is the physical nature of it all. Computers and notebooks are certainly a mainstay of the work we do here at Randover Games, but it is the actual hands-on testing with prototypes that makes it feel truly unique. In light […]

Post Pax Posting

(or lack thereof) Well, it’s been just shy of a week since PAX South ended, and we’ve been hard at work here at Randover Games.  We learned a great deal during our time in San Antonio, and here is a quick post to let you guys in on some of […]

Pre-Con Printing

  The pre-convention rush is in full swing, and its amazing to watch things come together.


You never really know when it’s going to strike you.


Building Cards, for Business

We spend our free time making game cards, but today we get to focus on cards of a different variety.