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With daily challenges to make something new, we never really know what we are going to be working on here at Randover Games. As we move ever closer to creating a barrage of Kickstarters, here is a short list of some of the big games were are working on.

Proelium-Logo-3 wTMPlaytest 3Game Type: Cooperative Arena Style Deck Re-builder Card Game

Game Details:  1-6 Players,  20-180 Minutes (Player Dependent),  Ages 13+

Description: Players make individualized decks comprised of classic role-playing game classes and weapons, then fight together against large boss monsters.  As play continues, Players have the unique opportunity to re-build their decks with cards that represent attacks and abilities.  Designed for people who enjoy fantasy games and cooperative experiences, this game is a huge set of MMO boss fights in a box (No electricity or internet connection needed). As everyone’s life and combat options dwindle, players must work together to tear the opposition down piece by piece, or none of you will leave the arena alive!

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First 6 demosGame Type: Competitive Casual Card Game

Game Details:  2-5 Players (6 with Expansion), 15-30 Minutes, Ages 8+

Description: Based on classic fishing game mechanics, Cast & Capture is a kid-friendly and highly accessible game that puts players in the role of a mage specializing in the collection of wondrous creatures for the Arcane Academy.  You must use your knowledge of the elements and arcane powers to capture a variety of mystical and magical creatures before your fellow mages. Only by using your wits to blend the right spells, and group the right creatures, can you earn the title of Master Capturer?

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Tainted Demo CardsGame Type: Competitive Party Game

Description:  In this game series filled with subterfuge and paranoia, players are a group of people, led by a Hunter, who are just trying to survive the game in one piece. Unfortunately, one of the players is Tainted and trying to silently corrupt or kill everyone else before the last card is drawn. Only by paying close attention can players determine who needs to be destroyed and who can still be saved. Be careful and chose wisely, for each time you remove the wrong player, the Tainted gets one step closer to victory.


6 thoughts on “Our Games”

  1. I don’t know what to say except that I’m highly impressed…. with all of this. Your ability to take your vision and run with it has inspired me.

    1. Thanks, Daniel!

      I am excited to be able to show this stuff off to everyone. Hopefully we’ll have some great games on the market that people will enjoy playing soon.

  2. Play-testing your Cast & Capture game, and have to say that my wife and I have enjoyed it. Would love to see the final artwork for the placeholder cards. Good job!

    1. Thank you so much! We are slowly but surely getting all the artwork complete in our run up to Kickstarter. Keep an eye out for new creatures to start popping up on this site, the twitter, and the kickstarter page! 🙂

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