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Press Start to Escape Adulthood

Randover Games is excited to announce our participation in the inaugural DALLAS GAMING EXPO from July 24-26, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, Texas. Stop by our booth to check out Proelium©, Cast and Capture©, Tainted©, or whatever other games we might have on display. Don’t feel like […]

Hail Hydra!

When I describe Proelium, I tend to call it “an MMO boss fight in a box.” As I mentioned in my post on “Inspiration”, it is our central adversaries that make up the core of our flagship title. Some of these antagonists are massive single creatures, while others are groups […]

Pre-Con Printing

  The pre-convention rush is in full swing, and its amazing to watch things come together.


Building Cards, for Business

We spend our free time making game cards, but today we get to focus on cards of a different variety.

Logos… Logos Everywhere….

As Angie and I move ever closer to heading to PAX South, the importance of making a name for ourselves hangs over the heads of all of Randover Games like a guillotine with the words “Make it or Break it” etched on the side.  So, lets dive into the land […]


Virtual Reality

There you go everyone, a look into the future.