Wrathborne Champions – The Boss Fight in a Box



Game Details:  1-6 Players,  20-180 Minutes (Player Dependent),  Ages 13+

In Wrathborne Champions, you and your friends are the Wrathborne, a special group of individuals chosen by the gods and representing the strongest combatants the world has to offer. Using your class’ special skills, a variety of unique weapons, and a few sparse items, you must work together to defeat the Minions of Wrath, powerful opponents each intent on destroying the civilized world. To achieve victory, you and your team must defeat each of the Minions standing in your way! However, if all the players are defeated or the minion gains control of the battlefield, you all lose, and the innocent people of your world are sure to follow!

At the start of each game, players build a deck of cards comprised of their specific class’ abilities, a set of attacks specific to a single weapon, and a few personally selected items. These decks control not only the moves available to each player, but also their life total, with damage being applied directly to the deck itself. Using a unique rebuilding mechanic, players must continuously use heals to strategically remake their dwindling decks, perpetually choosing the composition they think will provide the greatest chance of future success.

Players fight against one or more adversaries printed on 10×10 miniboards which are placed in the center of the play area. Unlike many “big bad” games, these Minions of Wrath Miniboards have a preset series attacks and actions performed each round. This “AI code” lets players predict a great deal of how the monsters will act, allowing them to make tactical choices during their turns to increase the likelihood of success.

A “Boss fight in a box”, Wrathborne Champions is the flagship title from Randover Games. It was created to be easy to pick up and teach while still staying true to deep fantasy gaming root, allowing tabletop roleplayers, on-line gamers, and casual combatants to all play together and enjoy themselves. With amazing artwork from Ruk Trumata, this is a visually stunning game that aims to have something for all fans of fantasy.

Check out the pitch video we made!