Assassin Titleassassin_finalf


Born of the shadows, the Assassin uses stealth and guile to get the better of her opponents. Preferring to move through combat unseen by her enemies, she is a master of advantageous combat. Be it poison or hidden weapons, the Assassin always has a trick up her sleeve and never enters combat empty handed.

QUOTE“I’ll be seeing you. Pity you can’t say the same.”



Default ability

Agent of Chaos – Randomness is a much your friend as your enemy; you can always press your luck.

assassin_skill_backstabfBackstab – Use the confusion of battle to your advantage! Deal extra damage with your weapon attack if you aren’t in control of the Wrath Token. Otherwise, avoid your enemies’ attention by passing the token along.

assassin_skill_deadlypoisonfVile Poison – Use your knowledge of dangerous chemicals to make your weapon attacks even more lethal! Add poison tokens to areas you strike causing damage over time.

assassin_skill_hiddenbladefHidden Blade – Smuggle an extra weapon into the arena unbeknownst to your captors! Deal damage to any vulnerable enemy on the battlefield. This damage can be augmented the same as weapon damage.

assassin_skill_nimblemindfNimble Mind – Use your guile and creativity to find optimal ways to strike your enemies! Turn your weapon attacks on their head, letting you hit enemies otherwise out of your grasp.

assassin_skill_vanishfVanish – Disappear from sight and strike from the shadows! Avoid all targeted damage from your enemies, then do additional damage on your next weapon attack.

assassin_skill_resourcefulfResourceful – FABLED – Dig into your many pockets to find the perfect item for any situation! Play multiple items in a single turn to turn the tide of battle. You can even use items that would otherwise be out of grasp.

assassin_skill_smokebombfSmoke Bomb – FABLED – Hide yourself and a teammate from your enemies’ assault! You and another combatant completely avoid all targeted damage.

assassin_skill_stealthfStealth – Become one with the darkness around you! Deal extra damage with every weapon attack so long as you aren’t the focus of your enemy.