Berserker TitleBererker


Feared by all those who call him “enemy”, the Berserker is considered by some to be a force of nature. With practically unparalleled aggression, he always seeks the total destruction of his target, at times, even at the cost of his own health. Having an indomitable will, he somehow becomes stronger as he is damaged, wielding his pain and anger as a weapon itself.

QUOTE“Foes kneel before my power, but that will not save them.”


Default ability

Heavyweight – A towering figure of pure muscle, your fists are always a formidable weapon.

SkillBlood Memories – Use your injuries to your advantage! Perform any one action that is otherwise lost to you from damage.

SkillEnrage – Crush your enemies at the cost of your own health! Deal exceptionally high damage with your weapon attack at the cost of some of your life.

SkillRetain Control – Rein in your fury to prolong your life! So long as you aren’t the enemies’ focus, heal yourself self while dealing normal weapon damage. Otherwise, deal extra damage with your attack.

SkillRetaliate –Stand against the fury of your opponent and return it to them in kind! Any damage you receive is also dealt to the attacker.

SkillRetribution – Annihilate your target under the weight of your own suffering! Deal massive weapon damage relative to how much life you have lost.

SkillBlood Drinker – FABLED – Grow stronger as your opponents grow weaker! Deal extra damage with your weapon and self heal based on the damage done.

SkillSanguine Pact – FABLED – Wield your party’s pain as a weapon! Deal catastrophic damage to a single target based on how much damage the entire party receives from enemies.

SkillWounded Fury – FABLED – Use your trauma to create a relentless assault! Attack multiple times using skills otherwise lost to you from damage.