Cleric TitleCleric


A shining light in a bleak land, the Cleric is the living embodiment of divinity. Her curative skills are without equal, even allowing her to breath life into fallen companions. However, she is not to be underestimated in battle; with her deity behind her, the Cleric can elevate herself and her companions to legendary heights.

Quote“By the will of the Goddess, we will not be defeated!”


Default ability

Medic – You aptitude for healing is not only divine, use medical training to keep you and your allies in the fight.

SkillDivine Mend – Revitalize those under assault! Heal the player with the Wrath Token for a large amount, or heal any player for a lite amount.

SkillHeal – Restore life to those in need! Heal any player for a moderate amount

SkillHoly Shield – Protect yourself against incoming damage! Encase yourself in a powerful shield allowing you to ignore a large amount of damamge.

SkillGive Blessing – Fortify the damage of allies to lay waste to your foes! Bless any opponent, allowing them to do additional weapon damage, or increase your weapon damage for one attack.

SkillSanctify Weapon – Use your weapon to devastate vile creatures! Deal extra weapon damage on your next attack, doubling the bonus against Undead, Traveler, and Cursed targets.

SkillGoddess’ Will – FABLED – Gain the divine favor of a deity! Bless all players, causing increased damage for multiple attacks.

SkillGroup Heal – FABLED – Rejuvenate your entire party! Heal all party members for a moderate amount.

SkillRebirth – FABLED – Use divine powers to bring the dead back to life! Return one defeated player to the battlefield with a massive heal, or heal an active player for a lite amount.