Enchanter TitleEnchanter


A weaver of metal and magic, the Enchanter is a master of the mystical arts. With the slightest motion he can alter the very essence of inanimate objects, leaving them bristling with power or fortified against damage. Using his talents tactically, the enchanter can even alter the flow of combat by choosing who an enemy is focused on.

QUOTE “Very interesting. Now let me show you real power!”


Default ability

Precognition – Randomness is normally unavoidable, but you have a knack for finding the safest way through it.

SkillAlluring Rune – Control the will of your opponents! Place a magical rune on an ally of your choice; the next time the Wrath Token would move, instead place it in front of the chosen player.

SkillAnimate Earth – Turn the battlefield itself into an ally! Enchant the ground beneath your opponent’s feet, dealing damage to all targets.

SkillDiligent Study – Plan your moves ahead of your foes! Prepare your next actions ahead of time to gain control of the situation or soften the blow of incoming damage.

SkillEnchant Armor – Defend your allies from assault! Strengthen you and your allies’ armor with magical energy slightly reducing all incoming damage.

SkillMagic Explosion – Infuse your weapon with magical energy! Increase the areas your weapon hits, allowing you to damage areas you otherwise couldn’t.

SkillImbue Weapon – FABLED – Turn your weapon into a magical implement of amazing power! Add damage to your weapon attack while also ignoring your target’s defenses.

SkillMana Strike – FABLED – Unleash pure magical energy onto your enemies! Deal massive damage to any one enemy that also ignores some defensive tactics.

SkillRunic Ward – FABLED – Protect your comrades from harm! Strengthen you and your allies’ armor with magical energy greatly reducing all incoming damage.