Ragner TitleRanger


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Default ability

Combat Composure – You’re actions in battle are always steady and controlled, never altering the flow of combat unexpectedly.

SkillDexterous – Your nimble nature means the right attack is never far from hand.

SkillDistraction – Use your deft targeting skills to completely disorient your part of your foe.

SkillFocus – Reduce the range of any weapon to a single point of contact, inflicting massive damage to the enemy.

SkillForager – The battlefield is littered with possibility. Search for a way to overcome your opposition.

SkillNaturecraft – Your knowledge of natural remedies is robust, allowing you to heal and cure poison based ailments.

SkillDiversion – FABLED – Control the battlefield, forcing your foe to focus on a target of your choice.

SkillHerblore – FABLED – Using advanced knowledge of natural medicine, heal your entire group or cure many maladies at once.

SkillSnipe – FABLED – Attack your enemy while safely concealed, causing massive damage while avoiding the fray.