Warrior Titlewarrior_final_1(1)


Trained since birth, the Warrior is a master of combat and command. She is able to stand against the mightiest assault while also deftly using her weapon to lay her opponents low. The ultimate soldier, her companions are never far from mind; she is always willing to protect a comrade in need or encourage them to super-human feats.

Quote“Stand with me, and we shall never fall!”


Default ability

Plate Armour – Your skills are defense are augmented greatly by your choice of protective wear.

warrior_skill_battleshout_finalBattle Shout – Rally your allies to destroy your foe! Increase weapon damage for yourself and all remaining allies.

warrior_skill_cleave_finalCleave – Decimate your target with stronger attacks. Increase your weapon damage on your next attack, choosing bonuses at your discretion.

warrior_skill_taunt_finalTaunt –Defend your allies by drawing your enemies’ ire! Pull the Wrath Token to yourself regardless of who controls it and reduce all damage directed at you this turn.

warrior_skill_weapondefense_finalWeapon Defense – Use your martial skills to protect yourself. Reduce incoming damage while also gaining access to weapon attacks that were otherwise lost to you.

warrior_skills_weaponmaster_finalWeapon Master – Become the adapt at any weapon you wield! Replace a current attack with a more effective attack instantly!

warrior_skills_defender_finalDefender – FABLED – Protect any ally from harm! Receive all damage that would otherwise be directed at an ally at a reduced rate.

warrior_skills_fightershaste_finalFighter’s Haste – FABLED – Use your weapon with incredible speed! Gain two attacks in the time it takes others to play one. Additionally, both attacks can be fully augmented and buffed.

warrior_skills_provoke_finalProvoke – FABLED – Gain the attention of all enemies! All targeted attack are now directed at you, regardless of Wrath Token and you gain improved defense.