Fortified Brigands

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Traveling the wild lands is a dangerous proposition, even for the most vicious outlaws. Because of this, many roving bands of thieves and scoundrels travel heavily armed and armored, with defensive structures in tow for dealing with well-defended victims and highly aggressive wildlife. These fortified brigands tend to be deserters or veterans of great military campaigns and use their knowledge of warfare to deadly effect.

One of their most reliable tactics is to create a front line of shield and spears, forming a deadly phalanx, with skilled archers behind them. Add in a rolling series of archer mantlets between the two lines, and the deadly bowmen can rain down upon their targets with impunity. Stories are told of entire caravans being laid to ruin by only a half dozen of these men, the merchants’ hired mercenaries falling before a single archer could feel any retribution.


-To Be Revealed-