Goblin Horde

Goblin Horde Title Goblins 800x800Biology

Goblins are a wild race of sentient creatures who hail from the foothills of the north. Though intelligent enough to communicate with the other races of the world, Goblins are xenophobic and tend to be highly aggressive towards the other sentients. Because of this, they lead isolated lives, patrolling places they consider their own in small war bands.

Lead by a war chief, these bands maraud through the Wildlands, attacking all those who get too close. Though normally moving in silence, when engaged in battle their shaman’s persistent chanting and drummer’s call-to-arms echo for miles around. The war chiefs in charge of these bands tend to let their lackeys do most of the work, but are formidable foes when pressed into action. With simple weapons and clothes, normally scavenged from their victims, goblin hordes are a motley sight, with their victims never quite knowing what type of weapon will strike them down.


Goblin hordes are a remarkably interconnected force. While any one particular goblin is weak, as a group they can be difficult to overcome. Driven forth by the sound of the drums, the otherwise weak lackeys will quickly tear any enemy down. Making matters worse, as they fall, the shaman will bring goblins back to the fight, creating an endless flood of ferocious fodder. While dealing with the waves of lackeys, a smart combatant will keep an eye on the war chief because as his companions fall, he will rise to face any challenge.