Hill Giant

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Masters of the frozen southern steppes, Hill Giants are a race of massive humanoids of which relatively little is known. Unlike the heavily social Mountain Giants from legend, Hill Giants are known to be solitary, rarely ever seen in in the company of other giants or humanoids. While their language is gruff and difficult to understand, Hill Giants are known to sing beautiful, haunting songs that travel for miles across the hill tops. Though terrifying opponents, many travelers take these songs to be a good omen and a sign that the night’s watch will be easy, so long as the song is echoing from far away.

When encountered, Hill Giants are commonly seen in the company of massive beasts, such as great vultures, rocs, mammoths, giant sloths, and dire bears. There are many stories of travelers seeing them actually speaking with the animals, calling them in from considerable distances. These stories lead many scholars to believe Hill Biants are similar to the Broken, sharing a unique connection to wild animals and environments. Speculating that Hill Giants might be reluctant or purposeful exiles, this connection to the Broken is further supported by those who believe the stories of the Mountain Giant cities.


-To Be Revealed-