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The Hydra lives in mountainous area, spending vast amounts of time basking on huge boulders warmed by the sun. However, its voracious appetite (something required to fuel its astonishing regenerative ability) means the Hydra can be found hunting any moment that it isn’t basking, or sleeping.

While it will hunt any time, day or night, it is most deadly when heavy lowland winds push the smell of countless prey up from the surrounding countryside. This barrage of scents quickly becomes too much for its many brains to handle, making it ravenous beyond comprehension.


With heads independently seeking targets, the Hydra will quickly overwhelm opponents lacking focus. Compounding the confusion, the heads of this epic dragonkin will quickly regrow as they are removed, two at a time. This forces its foes to make the precarious choice of where they should direct their attacks. However, a savvy combatant knows it would be foolish to ignore the Hydra’s gigantic tail, which is large enough to counter balance the ever changing cranial count of the ferocious beast.