Minotaur Title Minotaur 800x800Biology

The product of arcane and unnatural experiments, minotaurs are one of many biological constructs that freely roam the wild lands. This race of bestial humans were forged from blood and bone by magic and metal countless millennia ago; so long ago, in fact, that the original purpose of their creation have been fully lost to time.

Much like the other Bestials birthed in this forgotten era (such as mermaids and centaurs) minotaurs have forged their own unique place within the world. However, unlike the other Bestials who chose to leave the dark lands of their origins, minotaurs stayed in the old ruins and dilapidated labyrinths where they were formed, making fearsome advisories for those foolish enough to try and discover ancient secrets.


Almost mechanical in their persistence, minotaurs are fearsome combatants who focus on one target at a time. Unless distracted or blinded, they will forsake all other dangers and threats in their relentless pursuit of the enemy in front of them. Wielding massive ancient axes, their wrath is wild and all encompassing, leading them to lay waste to anything around their target with massive, arcing swings.