Pack Master

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Not all people accept the order of law found in the civilizations of the world; some chose to forsake structure and head out into the wild lands to raise families and stake their claims. As generations pass, some of these wild pilgrims lose all sense of civility and begin to seem more animal than man. Known as the “Broken,” these men and women adapt to their environment in ways that most people can’t fathom, seemingly becoming one with the wild world. While a few of the Broken do find their way back to developed lands to make their mark as amazing beast handlers or natural healers, many remain almost feral, refusing to interact with other sentient creatures, save through violence.

Broken are commonly found living among herds, prides, or packs of animals, often acting as an impromptu leader or protector. The Broken found among the passive creatures are rarely seen as more than wild shepherds, left alone to live with their chosen kin, but the Broken found with predators are a different story. Aggressive and deceptively intelligent, these predatory Broken move with their adopted group at a frightening level of precision, as though they were all of one mind. This deep connection between Broken and animal has lead many magical scholars to believe all Broken are actually Attuned people who let their arcane inclinations run a wild direction in the absence of formal training.


-To Be Revealed-